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Bar Waverly - Montreal Mile End


Blog – Bar Waverly – Montreal Mile End

Welcome to bar Waverly

Posted on | November 25, 2010 | No Comments

This is the Waverly blog. This is also the Waverly web page.

Sure we’ll tell you how awesome the place is, and how we really want it to be a thriving joint in the heart of the Mile End, but we thought that if there anything to say about a bar besides the usual advertisement BS and fanfare, it will best expressed by its patrons and by the people who actually go there.

Waverly is a bar, not a night club. This doesn’t preclude us from hosting a roster of the freshest DJs around playing the gamut of rare grooves, new electro, vintage tracks, and everything in between, minus the crap.

We built the place to be fun, laid back, edgy, and chill. Don’t try to make us describe its style, we’re not sure we can. We used refurbished materials and new ideas. Halfway between industrial Feng shui and Nouveau Pitt.

Let us know how you like it.

Open every night except Monday between 4pm and 3am, starting on December 8th.

Super Bowl Double Banger – Game plan

Posted on | February 2, 2011 | No Comments

Super Bowl and Tacos from the Grumman 78 taco truck crew

Super Bowl and Tacos from the Grumman 78 taco truck crew

SuperBowl Sunday at Waverly.

  • Doors open at 2:30pm for the Canadiens vs Devils game as a warmup.
  • Fresh Tacos from the Grumman 78 taco truck crew (Gaelle Cerf, Marc Andre Leclerc et Hilary McGown).
  • Happy hour prices all days long.
  • What else can you ask for?

New Year’s Eve at Waverly

Posted on | December 31, 2010 | No Comments

Fed up with paying $150 cover charge on New Year’s eve for a bottle of cheap bubbly and the privilege of getting trampled on an overcrowded dance floor?

Waverly might the place for you on Jan 31st 2010.

What you’ll get for a $0 (zero) dollars cover:

  • A warm a groovy atmosphere in the new coolest joint in the Mile End.
  • Party with friends and family. No fuss no muss. Just good times.
  • The Waverly crew: Olivier, Amelie, Stephanie, Martin, Sam, Billie, MC.
  • DJ Alex Codaire playing newest and rarest grooves.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Opening Night

Posted on | December 9, 2010 | 2 Comments


Yesterday evening (December 8th 2010) was Bar Waverly’s opening night. We opened our doors at 9:00PM and at 9:45PM we were practically full. There were no official invites, advertisement, or press release, yet everyone turned up. We are baffled.

What drove 300 souls to an unadvertised opening night on a cold Wednesday night in the dead of winter? Was it word of mouth or Facebook chatter? Was it the several generations of bar regulars expecting another coup from some old monkeys (Holders, Farleys, Perron, et al)? Or was it the neighborhood crowd yearning for a new spot? Was it the mythical location or the expectations of a yet again great space by Zebulon Perron? Was it the staff, the music, or what else?

All we know is that everybody turned up. After the initial 90 minutes where people were sizing up the place and searching for the seat with their name on it, things started to loosen up and the music got (slightly) louder. It was fascinating to see how certain spaces in the venue were immediately adopted, while some others didn’t seem to attract interest. Some areas we thought would bomb were actually busy all night (the section near the bathroom is not finished).

At around 11:30PM things got into high gear. Both owners (Olivier and Dick) had to jump behind the bar at the risk of messing up their nice shirt and fresh hair do. Some owners of a lesser cast actually had to run out the Petro-Canada to fetch some ice, as the bar’s ice machine decided go on strike.

Meanwhile on the DJ front, Matte was owning the night. From Dub step tracks to Elvis Costello, with some damn funky stuff in between. Hope everyone got the message. Btw, did anybody else notice that there was about 9 other off-duty DJs hanging around? Interesting, considering this is not a dance club… Btw, as we are watching the Waverly sound take shape, note that we are hosting DJs every night except Mondays: Alex Codaire, Franky Selector, Nathael, David Pagé, and Matte.

Then there was the crowd; Friends, family, patrons, and quite often all of the above. A wide cross section of several bar scenes. Kids mixing up with retired clubbers. Thomas Csano taking snapshots of a layer. A waitress from a neighborhood cafe aligning shooters with Olivier. Co-workers from passed endeavors finishing their shifts. Ex-pole dancer turned production accountant. We were extremely touched to see you guys and we can only hope that you’ll come by from time to time. We built this place for you.

The night was coasting smoothly when yours truly had to call it a night after having worked many hours to setup the place. But from all accounts it was a great night.

Now onwards to setup our regular nights and, our happy hours (Waverly is open from 4PM every day), and our food offering – Somebody coined the phrase “Comfort Bar”.


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